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Alan Parry: Thou shalt not?

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  1. Pete

    Totally agree with all your ‘Thou shalts’ Alan, especially “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL” which seems to be rather inconsistently applied. “No physical contact” is an appropriate and sensible rule for walking football, given the age of the players, and shouldn’t be difficult to understand. Injuries take much longer to heal at our ages and the game needs to respect that.

    I would like refs to enforce no-contact consistently and not settle for the “six of one and half a dozen of the other” principle (an argument I’ve heard expressed by one of our better referees).

    From my armchair, in front of televised top-level football, my observation is that not only is there much less tackling and physical contact in the modern game, but also the majority of possession switches are from interceptions or unforced errors, rather than good old-fashioned tackles.

    If we apply no-contact more thoroughly maybe we can have more ‘unlimited-touches’ games rather than the 3-touch limit, which is challenging but not what I’d call football! But maybe that’s my hobby-horse and not one of yours!

  2. Cornelius O'Kane

    I find it difficult having to agree entirely with a scouser but I hate Christmas too, much preferring the New Year. That said I always enjoy Alan’s spin on things and enjoy his occasional forays out with our old fogies at Loddon Valley (when he gets a game – lol). Enjoy what you can of it and see you in the New Year.

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