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Baz Holmes: containing the ‘monster’ at the crossroads…

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  1. Russ Shaw

    As with Cornelius’ article I agree with everything you say. As soon as formalisation comes into the equation added with hard and fast rules and tournaments, the red eyed monster of competiveness comes out. Unfortunately some males have to win at all costs, no matter the impact on those fellow players around them.
    having played in The Peoples Cup, Walking Football Uniteds competition and our local FA’S Tournament and witnessed the gamesmanship and ungentlemanly conduct together with serious foul play we decided to go the fun route and no longer play in tournaments. Even some of the friendlies we have played have been ‘tasty’!
    I coach and play with a dementia group as well as my normal groups and have a number of players over 80 in my other sessions. It is our duty to protect the players and ensure the only objective is to have fun.
    I also adapt rules according to the players, surface and circumstances. Our standard format is to use a futsal, make it 3 touch to reduce reckless dribbling and running opportunities and it becomes a fluid, exciting game to be involved in with minimum physical risk
    What can be better than a multi pass move culminating in a bulging net?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ian Edmundson

    This is sadly very true. Some clubs are entering competitions with a win at all costs mentality, including using “ringers” who are not regular members to play in competitive teams. How long before we see little brown envelopes changing hands do you think?

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