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Cornelius O’Kane: ‘over the moon’ and ‘sick as a parrot’…

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  1. Russ Shaw

    As an active Football Coach and avid Walking Football organiser and player for Flitwick Eagles in Bedfordshire I have to agree with most of Cornelius points.
    We no longer play in competitive matches or tournaments due to physicality and a ‘win at all costs’ attitude amongst some teams. This led to niggly fouls and verbal abuse. At a tournament I was refereeing I had to send 2 players off for persistent foul play, despite a number of warnings.
    There are also a number of players who, as Cornelius pointed out, should be playing Vets football.
    Teams who embrace the ‘all ages’ ethos, for me miss the whole point of Walking Football, which is to allow people of more mature years and maybe with some old injuries to participate in the game they love safely.
    If younger players can play the normal game or Veterans Football they should do so. I have seen a number of players fade away from the game because of younger players who think they are Pele when bamboozling players 20 plus years their senior.
    I also think that the retreat rule is a good one as nothing is more frustrating than being unable to get a ball out of your penalty area.
    On the positive side we are guardians of a fantastic game and we find our participant numbers increase weekly.
    When played with the right Corinthian spirit it is the best!
    There is no limit for us old footballers:)

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