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Mick Quinn: The way forward – if walking football is to be a sport for everybody to play together…

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  1. Russ Shaw

    I run 3 sessions on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council and Flitwick Eagles F.C. I have found that Jogging/running is the most difficult thing to control, particularly off the ball. Our view is 1 foot on the ground is a walk. We also play 3 touch, which, in my opinion makes the game more enjoyable and safer for participants. It encourages quick thinking and good movement. The main injuries we have suffered over the last 4 years have been Goalkeeper related when saving hard shots.
    We also use a futsal ball to help slow things and keep the ball down.
    I also try and make it minimal contact but agree with Michael that comings together are inevitable in Football. However our regular groups adapt their style of play according to the opponent they are up against (Our age range is 48 through to 84!).
    The social element is also important and we regularly go for coffee post match and hold regular socials.

  2. Gary Robinson

    We employed a qualified referee to run our matches….no contact no running…3 offences and we are sent off for 5 minutes…

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